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Women's Blend I - 1 oz

Women's Blend I - 1 oz
Item# WRFM23

For tone and elasticity of uterine muscles. For regulation of hormonal balance, adrenal functions and the nervous system.

Not for use during pregnancy.

Usage:For Pre-menstrual Syndrome, endocrine imbalance, general weakness in the uterine area and chronic vaginal infections. A good supportive tonic for women who have experienced trauma or repeated imbalance in the uterus. A strengthener and balancer to normal uterine function Women's Tonic I promotes tone and elasticity of the uterine muscles, regulates hormonal balance, and relaxes and strengthens the nervous system. Nutritionally these herbs promote absorption and assimilation of iron and minerals in the body and support adrenal function.

Cautions: Should not be used in pregnancy due to the action of Dong Quai Root and Licorice Root.

Dosage: Acute: 15 to 30 drops to 3 times daily. Tonic: 15-30 drops daily.

Ingredients:Raspberry Leaf ? (Rubus sp) Red Clover ? (Trifolium pratense) Motherwort ? (Leonurus cardiaca) Nettles ?(Urtica urns) Black Haw ? (Viburnum prunifolium) Dong Quai Root ? (Angelica sinensis) Partridge Berry ? (Mitchella repens) Chaste Tree ? (Vitex angus castus) Licorice Root ? (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Brand: Wind River
Women's Blend I - 1 oz


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