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Magnetic Knee Support Large Size Up To 26 (66cm), Serenity2000

Magnetic Knee Support Large Size Up To 26 (66cm), Serenity2000
Item# 645947400089

The Serenity 2000 Magnetic Knee Support has 34 Magnets that surround your knee for powerful, deep penetrating magnet therapy to help relieve discomfort in the knee area.

To determine size bend knee to 90 degrees and measure around the knee cap. Standard size fits knees up to 18" (46 cm). Large size fits knees up to 26" (66 cm). Easy and comfortable to wear. Wrap around design with hook and loop closure, will adjust to your knee size. Additional support straps (4) let you adjust your desired support and prevent slipping. Hand washable. A total of 34 magnets totally surround the knee with magnet therapy.

Standard fits up to 18 (46cm)
Large fits up to 26 (66cm)

Brand: Serenity 2000
Magnetic Knee Support Large


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