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Unkers Product Information

Unkers Products

Unker's makes a complete line of Multi-Purpose Therapeutic and personal care products. Our Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Salve is easily the most famous. But, over the years, we have expanded our line to meet the requests and needs of our many customers. Unkerís now offers our powerful therapeutic formulas in NATURub Roll-On and Spray-On applicators, plus shampoos, soaps, lip balm and sanitizing mists.

Unkers Salve
Unkerís Multi-Purpose Therapeutic Salve

Weíve been calling it ďYour Medicine Cabinet In A JarĒ for decades. And it truly is the natural wonder remedy for all aches and pains, joint and muscle soreness as well as a number of other ailments from burns and bruises to coughs, colds, sore throat and flu. Itís our oldest and best known product, and is available in a wide range of size containers.

13.5 oz., 7 oz., 3.5 oz. and 1 oz. jars

Naturub Products
NATURub Spray and Roll-On Therapeutic Pain Relief

If our Salve is ďYour Medicine Cabinet In A Jar,Ē this is ďYour Medicine Cabinet In A Handy Convenient Spray.Ē Itís the same powerful formula as our Therapeutic Salve, only in a more powerful, highly concentrated form. Itís a natural, pure botanical oils spray. Greaseless. Fast acting. Deep penetrating and absorbing, so no massaging in is necessary. Itís the perfect travel companion for car, purse, office or gym bag. Comes in three sizes.

4 oz., 2 oz. and 1 oz. Spray-Top Containers and .25 oz. Roll-On Applicator

Liquid Soaps
Unker's Liquid Soaps

Hand crafted and blended of all-natural ingredients, enriched with pure essential botanical oils, Vitamin E, aloe vera and pure moisturizers to be compatible with all skin types. Two formulas have been created to deep clean, fight bacteria and bring even blemished skin to new levels of health and rejuvenation.

Simply Sensational Rejuvenating Liquid Soap in 8 oz. press-top dispenser

Aussi Euca Anti-Bacterial Liquid Soap in 8 oz. press-top dispenser

Unkers Shampoo
Unkerís Pure Splendor Revitalizing Shampoo (And Body Wash)

Itís simply the finest all-purpose, therapeutic shampoo on the market today. Contains powerful all-natural antioxidants, pure botanical extracts, minerals and Vitamin E to strengthen hair follicles and deep clean hair and scalp ó leaving hair silky smooth, shiny and manageable. At the same time, acts as a pure revitalizing body wash, leaving the skin smooth and clean, with a new natural glow.

Pure Splendor Revitalizing Shampoo comes in convenient 12 oz. container.

Lip Balm
Unkerís Simply Sensational Lip Balm

Thereís a reason why we call it Simply Sensational. It heals. It protects. It soothes. Contains all-natural therapeutic botanicals, beeswax and other healing ingredients with absolutely no chemical by-products or animal fats.

Comes in personal lip balm .15 oz. applicator

Sanitizing Mist
Unkerís Fresh Scent Sanitizing Mist

Thatís right. One spray sanitizes and disinfects, cleanses and purifies the air, masks odors, fights against bacteria, viruses and fungus ó while repelling insects of all types. Whether used as an anti-bacterial disinfectant or equally effective bug spray, two or three sprays per average room is all thatís needed. Leaves a fresh, clean, natural Eucalyptus scent.

Sanitizing Mist 2 oz. press-top misting container

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